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S.T.O.R.M 4 Consultancy

“The rate of incidents with event and crowd safety, the raised counter terrorism threat, the training deficit and the staffing insufficiency within the industry are all factors that are both reasonable and foreseeable to mitigate against when planning for today’s events environment.”

Steve Blake, Director of Storm 4 Events Ltd

S.T.O.R.M offers in depth practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of High Risk Events of all types, From Event Safety, Crowd Safety, Event and VIP / Corporate Security, Counter Terrorism, Contingency and Emergency Planning. Our Consultants cover all aspects and have high level backgrounds in Police, Government, Military, Event Safety, Security, Crowd Safety and Counter Terrorism Sectors having  provided consultancy and operational management to a number of high-profile events with large ticketed and un-ticketed audiences across the UK.

STORM 4 Events directors, management team and associates have a substantial previous history. Its Senior Consultants have worked on numerous and varied high profile major events, festivals, road and sporting events, as well as undertaking freelance management and consultancy roles. From Event Safety, Crowd Safety, Event and VIP / Corporate Security, Counter Terrorism, Contingency and Emergency Planning. Our aim is to provide cost effective, practical Risk Management for Event Organisers & Agencies.  For all consultancy enquiries contact us @


London Nocturne 2017

“STORM 4 Events undertook all event security and crowd safety planning this year as always. not only in the City of London in the week following the London Bridge terrorist attack, but  with the event footprint virtually overlapping the same areas. They mitigated the raised threat levels with a proportionate Counter Terrorism Risk Management Plan and  delivered it with minimal budgetry impact,  giving a high level of confidence and reassurance to the event”.

James Pope (CEO FACE Partnership Ltd)

S.T.O.R.M 4 Event Consultancy

We adopt a practical, pragmatic, “yes approach to safety and security” and pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail and the ability to tailor our requirements to customers’ specific needs. We will become part of your team supporting you and your team to deliver your vision with a safe, calm, and pragmatic approach. S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd Consultants are experienced professionals with considerable experience in the outdoor and indoor events industry and especially large, un-ticketed street type events, festivals, music concerts, heritage site, arts festivals, corporate, political, VIP and sporting events.

qawfsdEvent Safety Risk Management

Experienced Sector Competent Event Safety Risk Managers

Event Safety Documentation

Risk Assessments

TDS Planning

Severe Weather Planning

CDM Regulations

Welfare Planning

Systems of Work

Post Event Reports

Emergency / Contingency Planning

SAG Representation

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Event Security Risk Management

Experienced Sector Competent Event Security Risk Managers

Strategic, Tactical & Operational Planning

Police, SIA & National Security Services Liaison

Police Costing Negotiations

Security Contractor Vetting &  Tendering

Security & Contractor Audits

Close Protection Operations

Sector Competence Assessments  

SIA Licensing Checks

Operational Troubleshooting

Specialist Role Assessments

Operational Management

Con Ops / SOP’s /AI’s

asdCrowd Safety Risk Management

Experienced Sector Competent Crowd Safety Risk Manager

Command and Control

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk

Scaleable Mitigation

Last Mile Planning

Major Incident Planning

Venue and Site Design

International, National or Regional Events

Accumulative Strategic Impact

Complex & Built Environments

Contractor Competence Audits

Holistic Crowd Safety / Security Planning

Staff Training & Briefing

Timeline Sensitive DIM / ICE

dsfvEvent Counter Terrorism Risk Management

Industry Leading Event Counter Terrorism Consultants

S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Consultancy offers a service second to none when it comes to the Risk Management of the Terrorist Threat. Our Consultants and Event Counter Terrorist Risk Managers are all time served Police Counter Terrorism Security Coordinators who have also undertaken further private sector event industry training to deliver realistic solutions.

All have vast experience in proportionally managing vulnerability, target hardening and mitigation of risk for high risk events. Being experts at coordinating protective security by conducting holistic reviews from a Counter Terrorism perspective. Terrorist operation mitigation for events is now a quantifiable and foreseeable safety risk for event organisers.

Terrorism Threat Assessments

International & Domestic Risk

Command and Control

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Reports

Holistic Security Coordination

Security Coordinators Report

Police and Security Agency Liaison

Advanced Search Regimes

Accreditation Systems

Scaleable Mitigation Options

Holistic Security Integration

Hostile Recon Mitigation

Behavioural Detection

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

dfrgbhbS.T.O.R.M 4‘s Tactical Response Teams

Industry Leading Specialist Response Teams

The issues around both the cost and re-sourcing of Police services within the industry mean the level and standard of training required for response teams far exceeds the SIA licensing requirements.  All our teams are made up of ex Police, Ex Forces or minimum of five years supervisor / management  SIA event experience and have passed the  3 day Event Tactical Response Team Course delivered by the ex lead public order tactical trainer and public order command tactical advisor for the Police Service.

S.T.O.R.M 4 Teams deploy (as the name suggests) in teams of 4 made up of one SIA tactical team leader, two SIA operatives and one first response SIA /medic. All teams are equipped with body worn evidence cameras / evidence collection equipment / advanced restraint equipment  and an unparalleled skills set.

All teams have received event friendly advanced training in;

SIA Roles and Responsibilities

Law & Legislation

Use of Force

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Operational Crowd Safety Management

Tactical Cordons / Tactical Communications

Advanced Restraint & Handcuffs

Vulnerable Persons Training

Advanced Physical Intervention

Counter Terrorism Awareness

Human Rights

Advanced Search

Specialist Operational Roles

Crime Scene Preservation

Evidence Gathering and Reporting Writing

erggTactical Behaviour Detection Operations

Industry Unique Specialist Tactical BDO

STORM 4 Events is able to offer the only full BDO package available in the private sector, as our Tactical Lead 4 Hostile Recon Disruption is not only a trained Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator delivering security plans for high risk events, including Royal Visits, large public military events, air shows and the Tour of Britain. He is the only trained Hostile Reconnaissance replication and behaviour detection Tactical Commander in the private sector.

Storm 4 Events Ltd are able to draw on extensive Police Public Order and Tactical Command experience within the planning and operational arenas  – translating into a capability to unite numerous tactics into stronger, highly effective,  plans that are are both proactive and extremely difficult to predict for the hostile. Key to this is a thorough understanding of the utility of Hostile Reconnaissance replication and behaviour detection methods. The ability to better disrupt, detect and deter hostile action is a really cost effective up-scaling for event security and counter terrorism  mitigation.

Tactical Command of Behavioural Detection

Operational Command of Behavioural Detection

Specialist Risk Assessment

Strategic, Tactical & Operational Commanders

Proactive Communication Strategy

Hostile Reconnaissance Detection

Behaviour Detection Management

Private Security Tactical Teams

Investigation Support

Hostile Reconnaissance Replication

Proactive Operations Command and Control

Operational Briefing Support

Drone deployment Support