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Course Testimonials

“This course has been amazing and I have learnt a great deal. I will leave with the knowledge that I could make a 1st attempt at doing a CT Assessment for a client or at least arguing my position in a SAG. It is detailed and intense, but it needs to be, but the relaxed style of the presenters makes it easy to      deal with. The caliber and expertise of the speakers is 1st class”.

Andy Grove, HighGrove Events Ltd, Vice President of the National Outdoor Events Association.


“The course was informative and enlightening. The calibre of specialist instructors was extremely high and the value derived from being in the room with so many event professionals operating in a range of roles was significant. I would recommend the course to anyone involved in the planning and management for safety at events, whether they feel CT is a significant risk or not”.

Mark Breen PGDip, SIIRSM RSP, Tech IOSH, MMII Grad Director of Safe Events & Cuckoo Events


“This course not only trains students in Counter Terrorism risk management for events, but also the principles can be transferred to all other aspects of security management. If the control measures can reduce the risk to our assets from a terrorist, then it will work against criminals. This course is a major improvement to the professionalism of the private security industry”.

Senior Security Manager for Large Corporate Organisation

“The tutors are experts in their fields and provide a well-rounded and contextualised course that I believe is invaluable to the current and future events industry”.

Christian Rose-Quirie, Owner/Director at Alliance Events


“Course has excellent content, delivered in a professional manner. The experience of the trainers was exceptional, interesting and thought provoking.The speakers were outstanding, they gave a freat insight into CT and also will help develop future thought processes in CT. The slots and breaks were well planned so not to overload the brain. A lot of courses forget this. The Event CT Risk Management report document will be of great use in the future Thanks for a great week and a super bunch of lads”.


Martin Cullen, Event Controller/Safety Officer & Production Manager, Cuckoo Events


” I attended the course as I understood the need for such a course and as part of my CPD. My background as police silver, CBRN Bronze and Police Search Advisor coupled with a CM diploma – this course filled the gap in knowledge. The pitch of the lessons, fitted between my experience of dealing in public/private sector”.


Ian Mixter, Head of Crowd Safety at Oxford United Football Club


“Excellent course overall with good mix of subject matter experts and experience enhanced the course. The opportunity to network with other event professionals was very worthwhile. I learnt a lot about CT and its role in the Events industry and would thoroughly recommend the course to others”.


Paul Budden, Managing Director of Wessex Safety Services


“Excellent Course with very good up to date information from highly experienced tutors”.


Glen Layfield, Event Management and Safety Officer, Stockton Borough Council  

“Invaluable Course for anyone who needs to gain the information and format process to reduce risk in Event Counter Terrorism or established practitioners to realign their knowledge and approach to have an impact in the increasing threat of terrorism”.

Clayton White, Owner and MD of Provide SESS Ltd