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S.T.O.R.M 4 Tactical Behaviour Detection Operations

S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd Industry Leading Specialist Tactical Behaviour Detection

‘Tactical Skillset, Industry Mindset’

S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd is able to offer the only full, cost effective, Industry Leading Specialist BDO package available in the private sector.

Many claim to deliver BDO, yet without the trained specialist tactical command and communication elements the full benefits of these operations are not possible“.

With the current issues around security staffing numbers, quality and availability, coupled with skills deficits, police resources and numerous other factors simply throwing more staff at the threat is not only counter productive but does little to mitigate the threat. If you security planning was fit for purpose then simply throwing more staff at it will simply increase costs, risk and not address the issues. Genuine, correctly trained BDO operatives work against numerous threats, whether Terrorism, Organised Crime Groups, Insider Threat and Criminality of all types. Tactical Behaviour Detection Operations are the future within crowded space event environments, a cost effective, highly trained surgical response to the risk and threat around your event.

Take your responsibility seriously and have ‘the ability to respond’

TROCTM S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Ltd 2018


       Tactical BDO Command & Control

Our Tactical Lead 4 Hostile Recon Disruption with over 30 years police experience, retiring as a Chief Inspector bringing unparalleled experience within the field of BDO Behaviour Detection Operations and Hostile Recon Disruption. Jon is the most highly trained and experienced individual in these areas within the private sector and is a trained Project Servator individual in these areas within the private sector and is a trained Project Servator Tactical Commander.

The majority of his service was in senior management roles in critical incidents and specialist command. He is a trained Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator delivering security plans for high risk events, including Royal Visits, large public military events, air shows and the Tour of Britain. In addition he is accredited and experienced at disrupting hostile recon as a  Tactical Commander.

He is also a Silver Public Order Commander, Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator  and CBRN Commander, with command and planning experience of large iconic music festivals, the Olympic Torch relay, football matches and the G8 Conference.

S.T.O.R.M 4 Events Tactical Security

Storm 4 Events Ltd are able to draw on extensive Police Public Order and Tactical Command experience within the planning and operational arenas  – translating into a capability to unite numerous tactics into stronger, highly effective,  plans that are are both proactive and extremely difficult to predict for the hostile or criminal . difficult to predict for the hostile or criminal. Key to this is a thorough understanding of the utility of Hostile Reconnaissance replication and behaviour detection methods. The ability to better disrupt, detect and deter hostile action is a really cost effective up-scaling for event security and counter terrorism mitigation.

S.T.O.R.M 4 Tactical Response Teams are trained to work alongside our Tactical BDO Teams, acting in a dual role as stressors and as support for these teams.

tac1Tactical Response Team Details;

S.T.O.R.M 4 Tactical Behaviour Detection Operations

Industry Unique Specialist Tactical BDO

Tactical Command of Behavioural Detection

Operational Command of Behavioural Detection

Specialist Risk Assessment

Strategic, Tactical & Operational Commanders

Proactive Communication Strategy

Hostile Reconnaissance Detection

Behaviour Detection Management

Private Security Tactical Teams

Investigation Support

Hostile Reconnaissance Replication

Proactive Operations Command and Control

Operational Briefing Support

Drone deployment Support

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